Tuesday, 25 November 2008


This is our first twilight tuesday!!!
The morning this was filmed I found out there was a twilight premiere in the UK and when I got to school and told the girls the excitement could not have been any higher as we only had about 3 weeks before it!!!
We decided (as I had my video camera at school anyway) that we should film the chat we have regularly of twilight and all things related especially Rob!! (Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen)
Just to let you know this book has made the whole room we sit in become one. We are no longer seperated as we have one thing in common....... the love for a fictional vampire named Edward Cullen.
Twilight is the first of four books written by american Stephenie Meyer and has ben made into a film due for release in the UK on 19th December (we are all annoyed it is out already in America!!)
The four books allowed each of us to live in a world we wanted to be in and we often talk about it becoming a reality.
Each of us has a favourite character (mostly Edward), a favourite chapter and a favourite quote and the right word can make us all swoon or scream!
See for your self the excitement of the world of twilight.....................